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If you’re planning on buying a Porsche 911 for the new model year, you might want to know some of the features included in Porsche 911 Interior. This includes safety equipment, customization options and the engine options available.

Standard safety equipment

The Porsche 911 is one of the most iconic sports cars on the planet. It’s not only a popular vehicle, but also has a reputation for reliability. This sports car comes in coupe, convertible, and Targa variants, and it’s available with an array of optional performance and safety equipment. There are eight models to choose from, each featuring a different body style and wheel configuration. Check out the latest used car inventory of Porsche 911

Even though it’s a compact vehicle, the 911 is still packed with luxurious features. A rearview camera, a lane-departure warning system, and automatic emergency braking are all standard. On top of that, the steering wheel is full of physical buttons and programmable GPS capability. Plus, there’s an advanced infotainment system that supports wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

Porsche 911 interiors are trimmed with high-end materials and a switch panel above the center console. Its controls are easy to use and include a responsive 10.9 inch touchscreen. In addition, there are piano-black panels on either side of the gear selector, which have a mechanical click.

The 911’s seats are firm and contoured. These sports seats are backed by an active chassis control system that suppresses body roll. They feature seatbelt pretensioners that help keep occupants in their optimal positions. For extra comfort, Porsche offers a full range of options, including 14-way adjustable sport seats.

Other features on the Porsche 911 include a power-operated soft top and a fixed-in-place metal roof. The convertible has a center power retractable roof panel that can be folded at speeds up to 30 miles per hour. Those who opt for the Targa model have a much larger cargo area. And the rear seat isn’t just roomy, but it has an extra parcel shelf. Despite its compact size, the vehicle is equipped with a 96.5-inch wheelbase, which makes it comfortable for even 6-footers.

Safety technology on the 911 includes an airbag system for both the driver and front passenger. The head airbags provide occupants with protection in a rollover or frontal collision. Meanwhile, the side-impact airbags protect the torso during a side impact. During a collision, the seatbelts tighten and seatbelt pretensioners hold occupants in their proper seating positions.

With a rear-view camera, adaptive cruise control, and automatic emergency braking, the Porsche 911 is an excellent choice for those seeking a luxury tourer. However, this isn’t the most crash-tested sports car in the world. While the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) hasn’t tested the Porsche, it does come with standard collision-avoidance technologies, such as a rear-cross-traffic alert.

For those who want more power, the 911 has a 3.8-liter naturally aspirated V8 engine that produces 420 horsepower. This enables the vehicle to accelerate to 60 miles per hour in 4.3 seconds. At the same time, the noise of the engine and wide tires can be a bit loud in the cabin.

Customization options

With a variety of body styles and engine options, the 2021 Porsche 911 offers an extensive list of customization options. Its interior includes a sporty steering wheel, an ergonomic center console, and firm bolsters. The cockpit is spacious and offers plenty of room for both drivers and passengers. There are also several seat setups to choose from.

A few standard features that are available on all models are heated leather seats, an eight-speaker Bose audio system, and front and rear parking sensors. Wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto are also available, and there is an optional 10.9-inch touch screen display. Additionally, the infotainment system is equipped with rotary push-button controls on the console and an auxiliary input for a Bluetooth device.

Porsche has long offered a range of custom exterior and interior options. For example, the LED matrix headlights with Dynamic Light System Plus feature a 3D circuit-board graphic. These can be painted in a variety of colors, including Glacier Ice Blue. Depending on your preferences, you can choose from a variety of carbon fiber accents and wood and carbon fiber trim.

Other custom touches include a snarltastic exhaust system, a heated multifunction GT steering wheel, ventilated front-seat cushions, and passive entry. In addition, the Sport package adds a lowered suspension, side bolstering for the front buckets, and a more supportive rear bench.

One of the more unique features is the TECHART sport steering wheel, which is composed of supple natural leather and select materials. This steering wheel is handmade in Leonberg, Germany, and requires an exceptional level of craftsmanship. Another interesting feature is the illuminated logotype, which can be customized according to your preference. You can choose from a signature or an illuminated company logo, which can match the body color.

Some of the other noteworthy features are a dual-zone automatic climate control, a universal garage door opener, a stubby shifter on automatic models, a rearview camera, a 12.3-inch touch screen, and proximity keyless entry. Also, there is an insulated glass option, which enables the vehicle to maintain a comfortable temperature in the cabin without using more energy.

If you are considering buying Porsche, the interior can make it feel like your car is from another universe. Available in leather, carbon fiber, or a combination of the two, the interior of the Porsche 911 is one-of-a-kind.

Porsche’s unique customization program is a popular option among those who love to personalize their vehicles. However, some requests are too technical for the company to build. Fortunately, customers can contact Porsche’s Exclusive Manufaktur in the United States and around the world to discuss the possibility of having their vehicles modified.

Porsche has been developing customization programs since the mid-’50s. As the company continues to expand its offering, it is likely that the customization possibilities will continue to grow.

Porsche 911 Interior Engine options

If you’re considering buying a new sports car, you’ll find that the Porsche 911 offers a great balance of performance and practicality. This year, Porsche’s engineers improved on the previous year’s design with a new body, a more efficient engine, and a variety of safety features. It’s a luxury vehicle that’s worthy of the brand’s long and illustrious name.

2021 Porsche 911 Interior Engine options

The 2021 Porsche 911 is available in eight different models. You can choose between a coupe or a convertible, and you can select from a range of powertrains. In addition to the base Carrera, you can choose between the Carrera S and the Turbo S, which are both offered with an eight-speed dual-clutch automatic. These models are equipped with a redesigned 3.0-liter twin-turbo flat-six engine and an impressive array of performance enhancing features.

The Porsche 911’s standard infotainment system features a 10.9-inch touchscreen. Other features include Bluetooth wireless technology, AM/FM radio, and voice control. There’s also a large center cupholder. Additionally, you can fold the rear seats up to provide a convenient parcel shelf.

Porsche’s engineers have even upgraded the standard nav system, giving you the opportunity to view your destinations in real time via an interactive map. Not only is the navigation system a welcome improvement over the outmoded sat-nav system of the past, but it also supports Wi-Fi hotspots. Aside from the usual suspects, the new Porsche 911 comes with a programmable GPS capability for the optional front-axle lift system.

Among the many new features in the Porsche 911, the Sport Exhaust system is worth a mention. Not only is it designed to give the Turbo a fuller engine note, it has dual oval tips to increase sound output. The Sport Exhaust can be ordered with an adaptive air intake system that will allow it to get more airflow. Also, the 911’s new engine is 10% smaller than the one used in the 2020 model, which translates to an increased output.

Of course, you should not forget about the 911’s active anti-roll bars, which are standard on the base Carrera and the Turbo. They’re a smart way to counteract the lean that can result from the car’s naturally sporty handling. Even more enticing is the fact that they offer a surprising amount of control over the ride.

Despite its high price tag, the 2021 Porsche 911 is a worthy contender for the best overall value in its class. Whether you’re interested in the coupe or the cabriolet, the Turbo or the Carrera, you’re sure to be impressed by its performance and luxurious interior.

For those who want to take their luxury experience to the next level, you might consider the optional 14-way adjustable sport seats. Or, if you’re really in the market for something that screams luxury, you might want to consider the top-of-the-line, all-wheel-drive, turbocharged, seven-speed manual version of the Porsche 911.

Porsche 911 Interior